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"I help people find the freedom to live their most blissful life, by drawing

on a unique balance of meditation (mind), massage (body) and yoga (soul). "

- Esther Konrad

Work with me and you’ll benefit from a treatment plan designed to draw out the best version of you.

During our time together, I’ll help you understand the connection between your mind and body, so that you feel empowered and equipped to work alongside me in delivering healthy and powerful outcomes.

I founded Greenfeet Massage shortly after completing a Diploma in Remedial Massage at The Australasian College of Natural Therapies.  My practices are based on a combination of advanced technique, my own life experiences and ancient traditions I discovered during many visits to India.

Green is known as the ‘window of the soul’ and it was my feet that led me here.  Welcome to Greenfeet Massage. Take a walk through the services I offer.

"Since I started to get massages from Esther, I have been able to perform better in my chosen sport and been able to recover better for my next training session. Her knowledge of the human body and what treatment is the best for me have increased also my own knowledge of how my body muscles works"

“Esther's massage treatments has helped me immensely to recover and get through weekly soccer sessions over the past 2 years now. I first came to Esther struggling with ongoing injuries and frustration, but regular treatment has allowed me to recover properly and be pain free to perform even better. Esther has amazing knowledge of the body and works to release any tension points easily which I believe is why she is so good as a therapist. As an Exercise Physiologist myself, I also happily recommend other clients and friends to use her services, thankyou Esther!”

Luke Dorizas

Accredited Exercise Physiologist, BSc (Health and Ex) ESSAM AEPa

"I have found Esther to be the best massage therapist I have come across. I have been seeing her for over two years and have always been 100% satisfied. As a CrossFit coach I have recommended Esther to over two dozen clients all of which have been very happy and have returned to her for more treatments. Her attention to detail is like something I have ever seen and will continue to see her regularly and my body has never felt better."

Scott Lipman

CrossFit Owner/Coach

  Sports Massage | Relaxation | Swedish | Remedial | Deep Tissue | Pregnancy

Work with me and I’ll design a holistic treatment plan based on a thorough assessment of you. Your treatment plan will far transcend physical benefits and will provide the foundations for a healthier and happier existence.


Commonly known for bringing the mind into clarity and facilitating profound relaxation, massage is one of the oldest natural remedies we know.


Massage also holds the key to releasing the emotional blockages that exist in both the mind and body, so that the presence of injuries, discomfort and chronic pain are eliminated. Whether you’re in need of sports treatment or remedial massage, you’ll start to learn how breath and movement can detoxify the body and create an ongoing state of relaxation.



A commonly misunderstood practice, yoga is a way of living and expressing your self with 100% free will.

It’s a rule book to spreading your wings and becoming open to receiving what the universe has in store. A blend of meditation, spiritual philosophy and asana (physical practice), yoga simply gives the mind space to feel what really is.

It trains us to observe not to judge, not to push, ignore or resist but just to be. Only then, can self-observation and self-awareness start to develop. I’m an asana teacher, but I’ll also apply the principles of meditation to help you use your breath to better hold poses, slow down movement and achieve correct technique and alignment.

Having trained in traditional style hatha yoga whilst in Rishikesh, India, I was lucky enough to discover first-hand how the mind, breath and soul and are deeply inter-twined. It’s my joy to share this wisdom with you.


Meditation is a state of mind where your body, mind and soul work together in harmony to walk you through life with peace, humbleness and compassion.

There are many different mediation techniques, that I use to help create this space for you - one of which is by simply bringing awareness to your breath and using it as your anchor, you’ll experience profound focus and clarity that will soothe both your body and mind.

When the body becomes still, the mind becomes still.  When they work together as one, A  space is created that allows you to observe yourself from within .

I’ll equip you with personalized and practical techniques that you can apply to daily life, so that you travel through each day with a new found inner calm.



I'm a massage therapist with a healthy fascination for

creating stillness and space in both mind and body.


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